Wedding cake

Last week I have been working on a wedding cake for a colleague of Adriaan and his fiancée. When I heared they were getting married I volunteered to make one if they liked…and they did! I was happy they did because I would have the opportunity to experiment with a wedding cake (something you wouldn’t make out of the blue usually).
It was a very small ceremony so there was no need for a big cake. I made a 2-tier cake anyway because I think a wedding cake should have at least 2 tiers. The bride Neguin asked for a white wedding cake….my ideas of making a white chocolate cake couldn’t come through….white chocolate white obviously isn’t white enough.
It meant I had to work with rolled fondant (sugar paste) for the first time. Not that I was having nightmares… but I must say that last week, every time I woke up – or to be more precise: Rein woke me up – one of the first things that would enter my mind was covering a cake with rolled fondant and my heart rate would go up somewhat 😉
I read a lot about working with rolled fondant and it sounded sort of easy. I was sure that once I would be covering the actual cake it would go horribly wrong….that all kind of creases would appear…the fondant would tear while transferring it to the cake…that I wouldn’t have time to redo the cake and that the couple would have a ugly cake. It made me kind of dread to start rolling the fondant.
Playing on safe I bought ready-to-roll fondant (both for making sure it had the right consistency and that it didn’t contain raw egg). Turned out that it’s actually quite easy to work with! Just follow the ‘rules’ and it just works! The covering went well but the cutting away of the excess fondant on cake number one didn’t go completely ok but looked good enough. The second cake was ok though.
As a base I used Madeira cake that I flavoured with orange rind. Instead of using butter cream I made white chocolate ganache to fill and cover the cakes.
To decorate the cake I made pink marzipan roses, not difficult to make but was a lot of work…I needed 15.

I must say that I was happy with the appearance. The taste was ok but you couldn’t really taste the chocolate in the chocolate ganache because the fondant is really sweet and heavy to eat and therefore quite taste-overpowering. I think I’ll try to use marzipan next time…heavy as well but with a lot more taste that would probably complement other tastes instead of overpowering them… Hopefully marzipan will be easy to work with as well. The roses looked nice but next time I would like to try to make roses from different materials. Like Hilly van West of Ha… Gebak! does….she is a great inspiration….however I’ll have to practice a lot before I’ll come even close to what she can make!

I won’t bore you with all the recipes but if you want to know more about the process or the recipes let me know.

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3 Responses to Wedding cake

  1. rebecca says:

    i am making a wedding cake for a good friend of mine for the end of march. our ideas i think are similar. she wanted a marble cake. so i was thinking about making the marble cake then layering it with a rich chocolate buttercream then put a white buttercream on outside then a fondant layer and decorate it with bright pink sugar paste roses. but i had attempted to make fondant before. i turned out well at first but my counter was not cooperating so i had to use more and more powedered sugar to stop it from sticking. needless to say it got too thick. so i was thinking about trying again, or seeing if i can buy the fondant. but today i was thinking about making a white chocolate ganache for the outside again. i was curioud to hear your thoughts after reading your blog (absolutely wonderful!!! i want to go to the kitchen now) and also more about your first wedding cake experience.

  2. Charissa says:

    This is a beautiful cake! I’m just getting in to the cake business and was looking for ideas and I came across this…. WOW! Great Job!!!


  3. Robyn says:

    your cake looks lovely
    please could you show the recipe/instructions for making the roses?

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