Eggplant confiture??

Whilst doing the weekly grocery shopping at the Tiv Taam, something caught my eye when we were walking through the jam aisle….did I see eggplant on one of the pots?? I walked back a few steps to check and discovered that indeed there were eggplants on it….eggplant confiture it read, a product from Armenia. I know of onion confiture, tomato confiture, rose petal confiture but eggplant? Next to it was pumpkin confiture. I was intrigued and bought both of them.
After a closer inspection at home I saw that the it was more like eggplant (peeled miniature eggplants) and pumpkin in a sugar syrup than something one would spread on toast…but still interesting.
Anybody suggestions how I could use the confitures?

Rein patiently waiting till his mommy has finished shopping
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3 Responses to Eggplant confiture??

  1. Jitske says:

    Misschien kan je nu zoete baba ganoush maken 🙂

  2. Cristina says:

    This is one suggestion (with no recipe I’m afraid): Leg of Lamb with Eggplant Confiture – in Mediterranean cooking…

  3. Cristina says:

    Actually, Google helps if you type in “aubergine jam” rather than the fancier “confiture”:
    – Grilled fillet steak with aubergine jam and tobacco onions;
    – Merguez Sausage Salad with Red Onion Jam and Aubergine Jam;
    – Aubergine jam with rhum;
    – Algerian aubergine jam-topped chicken salad;
    – Sumac Dusted Kangaroo Loin w/ sweet potato and cardamon galette, red currant and aubergine jam (catch the kangaroo first!)
    – “In Ottoman times the variety of aubergine dishes, some eaten hot and some cold, ranged from tursu (a pickle) to aubergine preserve. This jam, which is made in the south of Turkey, in Antalya, is exquisite. It’s a great surprise to anyone tasting it for the first time, and until you taste it you can’t imagine how well the aubergine suits the art of jam-making.”

    RECIPEs for the aubergine jam:

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