Russian cookies

I do my weekly grocery shopping at the local supermarket chain Tiv Taam. Among ex-pats it’s also known as the Russian supermarket because a lot of Russian people work and shop there. And also because they sell loads of Russian food: from buckwheat to pork and everything in between. Since a couple of months I do my shopping at their flagship store in Rishon Letsion. For Israeli standards (and Dutch standards too) it is a very big supermarket that has 2 restaurants, 2 food-bars and a regular bar actually inside the supermarket itself (so before the cash register). It’s not something I’m used to in the Netherlands but maybe this is normal in other countries?
Anyway…walking by the candy corner I say these really cute Russian cookies, petit beurre type of cookies (most likely without the beurre).

I asked the (Russian) sales lady in my best Hebrew what the words meant, she answered (in her best Hebrew) but I couldn’t understand. Haven’t worked out what it means but the one with the cow is pronounced ‘buryonka’ and the one with the girl ‘alyena’ I think. I did check if it meant cow and girl but it didn’t. They are not really tasty by the way.

Maybe inspired by Finding Nemo? These were sort of tasty. They have a little bit of coconut inside and are sprinkled with sugar, much like Dutch Nizza or Zaanse Kermis cookies.

This might be suitable for 50+ bold men?

This is my absolute favourite…very Israeli…everybody here owns at least 2 mobiles and uses them anywhere and everywhere…there is pretty much no etiquette about using them. Tastes the same as the fishy cookies.

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4 Responses to Russian cookies

  1. engel says:

    Ik dacht toch even werkelijk dat jij ze zelf gebakken had.

  2. Chocoholic says:

    Cute cookies! Thanks for the post. I look forward to your future work.

  3. M in Chicago says:

    I just found your blog through your photos on Flickr. I love your recipes and photos.

    I’m outside of Chicago in the US. We have Starbucks and sometimes small cafes inside of supermarkets, but never whole restaurants or bars. Some states don’t even sell alcohol in supermarkets.

    That car cookie looks like Kidd from the TV show Knight Rider from the 1980s. It’s pretty bizarre in it’s randomness on a cookie like that.

  4. Anna says:

    I really like your site (great recipes and photos) and since I happen to know Russian, I figured I’d help with deciphering the cookie 🙂 You’re right, they don’t say cow and girl, they’re actually names. So the cow’s name is Buryonka and the girl’s name is Alyona (kinda like Ellen) and you probably didn’t like them because they’re not really cookies, but are more like a tea biscuit.

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