Cantaloupe sorbet with strawberry mint soup

Let me start out by saying that it’s my mums’ birthday today so: Happy Birthday mum!!! Unfortunately I can’t be with her on her birthday but I did book a ticket to Croatia (where they live part of the year, the rest they live in the Netherlands) for me and my son. I’m really looking forward to going to Croatia!! Here are some pictures so you know what I’m looking forward about…

View of Skradin
Novi Vinodolski
Cathedral in Trogir
Clothes drying in Trogir
My brother and mum at a church
Fish on the grill
Cakes made by my uncle
Fish face
My dad holding a fish
My dad’s wine-making stuff
My mum cooking in the garden kitchen

As it is my mums’ birthday I had to post something today to celebrate. I’m sure she’ll love this refreshing summery dessert.

So here is another dessert…have been practicing a bit since I posted this dessert. In one of my practice rounds I made dessert that consisted of cantaloupe sorbet, ‘liquid’ truffle and mini butter cookies. It looked really great but unfortunately the taste-combination wasn’t well chosen. The sorbet didn’t go too well with the chocolate. In other words, not blogworthy…back to the drawing table!
Having plenty of cantaloupe sorbet left over to play with, I made the dessert you see in the picture: Cantaloupe sorbet in strawberry mint soup. A summery dessert that even fits the Eat Local Challenge launched by Jen of Life begins at 30. It’s a very refreshing (fat-free) dessert that would be great to serve after a heavy meal. The sweet fragrant taste of the cantaloupe contrasts well with the sweet and tart taste of the strawberries. And the mint in the strawberry soup gives it a little an extra bit of zing.

I had some difficulty making pictures. My camera stopped cooperating with me the moment I needed to make the shots. Not very convenient when working with sorbet! Saved the dessert by putting it in the freezer. After about 10 minutes my camera gave up nagging me. Just had to wait till the frost layer on the plate melted to wipe it away.

Cantaloupe sorbet (adapted from my ice cream makers manual)

150 g (5 ¼ oz) sugar
200 ml water (6 ¾ fl oz)
400 g (14 oz) cantaloupe flesh, diced
1 tbs lemon juice

Put the sugar and water in a small saucepan. Stir to allow the sugar to dissolve over low heat. When dissolved increase the heat and cook for 1 minute. Allow to cool.
Puree the cantaloupe in a blender and mix with the cold sugar syrup. Refrigerate the mixture.

Freezer method: Pour the mixture in a metal pan (eg cake pan) and put it in the freezer. Stir the mixture after an hour. Repeat this every half hour until the mixture is frozen. Freeze at least for 2 hours or more (depending on your freezer) before serving.

Ice cream machine maker method: Pour the mixture into a running ice cream machine. Follow manual for freezing time. Usually this is 20-30 minutes. Transfer to freezer for at least 2 hours or more (depending on your freezer) before serving.

Strawberry mint soup

1 ½ kg (3 ⅓ lb) strawberries
icing sugar, to taste
6 small mint leafs, chopped finely
6 x upper 4 mint leafs on a branch for decorating

Wash and hull the strawberries. Puree the strawberries in a blender. Strain the puree in a fairly fine sieve to get rid of the small seeds. You should have at least 900 ml (30 fl oz) left.
Pour 150 ml (5 fl oz) of the strawberry soup into each soup plate. Sprinkle with the chopped mint. Put 1 quenelle of cantaloupe sorbet in the middle of each plate of strawberry mint soup and decorate with mint leafs.

1 serving – 85 kcal
100 g cantaloupe sorbet – 95 kcal
100 g strawberry mint soup – 35 kcal

carbohydrate 20 g – protein 1 g – fat 0 g (saturated fat 0 g) – fibre 3 g (combination of the 2)

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12 Responses to Cantaloupe sorbet with strawberry mint soup

  1. Hmmm looks so yummy and the pictures are gorgeous!

  2. Ivonne says:

    Congratulations Linda!

    I’m sure you’re going to have a lovely time in Croatia. I expect to read all about it.

    Lovely sorbet as well!

  3. linda says:

    Thanks queer chef! And thanks for stopping by.

    Thanks Ivonne, looking forward to visiting Bobis, the local pastry chain…

  4. Dianka says:

    Oh Croatia looks beautiful! I’ve always wanted to go there. What a great recipe- so light and refreshing.


  5. linda says:

    It’s very beautiful Dianka and I’m not saying this because I’m half Croatian 😉 You should visit if you have the opportunity.

  6. sam says:


    A+ on your dessert. What a great combination, it looks fantastic. I’m sure your mother would have loved it. Congratulations on booking your ticket, I hope you have a wonderful trip.

  7. Kristina says:

    Your dessert looks very refreshing, just perfect for those sitting heat summer days! I love those photos- beautiful and rustic. The landscape looks similar to that in Italy, and the pictures of the boats and harbour and outdoor kitchen and fish grilling leave me yearning for our trip!

  8. linda says:

    Thanks so much Sam!

    Hi Kristina, your right about the landscape but only the coastal parts I think. Enjoy your trip to Italy!

  9. keiko says:

    Hi Linda – everything is beautiful and your sorbet&soup looks so delicious! Croatia is one of the places I’d really love to visit – everyone who has been there raves about how beautiful it is!

  10. linda says:

    Thanks Keiko! And Croatia is really worth visiting, I recommend going to Dalmatia. And thanks for visiting!

  11. ann says:

    I wish I was could tag along, you’re going to have a blast!
    post some more pictures when you get back so we can compare!!

  12. linda says:

    Will be great for sure cause I’ll be seeing my family. I’ll post pictures after I return.

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