The Netherlands & Croatia

You would think being away for four weeks would leave me relaxed….not the case unfortunately. Our trip to the Netherlands was focussed on finding a house to buy. We’re leaving Tel Aviv in the beginning of August to go back to living in the Netherlands (The Hague to be precise). So a house would come in handy 😉 Having a (then nearly) one year old meant that we had to schedule our house-looking-appointments in between his naps (no grannies in the neighbourhood to baby-sit)…which didn’t leave too much time…especially not because we were staying a 1 ¼ hour drive from the Hague. And besides looking for houses there were of course a lot of family and friends to visit…
Before we left I thought I would have some time to blog but alas…the precious spare time I had I used to relax on the couch…. sorry!
After a week in the Netherlands, my son and I went to Croatia for a week to visit my parents and the rest of the family. Leaving Adriaan to deal with mortgage-stuff etc.

My son Rein tearing off a fig leaf. Something he had done before if you watch closely.

Here are some photo’s to give you an impression of our time in Croatia. The following three I made at restaurant Duga in Okrug Gornji on the island of Ciovo. It’s one of my parents’ favourite restaurants in the Trogir area. The food is excellent and the view is spectacular. It’s a restaurant you have to know because you wouldn’t really bump into it. When you take the turn from the main road you have to drive a dirt road for a km or so to reach the restaurant. Alternatively you could go to the restaurant by boat. Just throw out the anchor and swim or paddle ashore.
(the boat at the top of the page I shot at the restaurant too)

During our stay in Croatia the weather was unseasonably cold (as it had been in the weeks/months before). Only on our last day the weather was kind of okay enough to actually go to the beach. I sort of thought I would go swimming but after trying the Adriatic with my big toe I decided to postpone it till next year. Due to the cold weather the sea hadn’t warmed up as much as usual. I tried to get my son into the water – his first time in the Adriatic – but he too thought it was too cold.

This flan is called rožata in Croatian and originates from Dubrovnik. It is the specialty of my uncle, he bakes it a lot. Like other flans its basis is a custard made with eggs, sugar and milk. It is flavoured with a little rum , vanilla and lemon rind. In the old days it used to be flavoured with a rose liqueur called rozolin that was readily available back then. Nowadays that particular liqueur is hard to come by so rum is used instead. I love rožata and my uncle knows that. So every time we visit him and my aunt he has one ready. I always eat at least two big pieces….and this is after the wonderfully delicious lunch my aunt always prepares when we visit! Rein loved it too…like mother like son.
No recipe for the rožata because I couldn’t give away my uncle’s secret trademark recipe 😉 But if you google rožata, you’ll get plenty of recipes.

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10 Responses to The Netherlands & Croatia

  1. Jen says:

    Beautiful pictures Linda! It sounds like you had a wonderful time in Croatia.

  2. julie says:

    Hello Linda!
    I stumbled upon your blog via food porn watch because of its lovely name.
    I must say I really like it, as I love baking sweet stuff too!

    Your pics of Croatia are beautiful, your little boy very sweet. I’m looking forward to reading more!

  3. Claire says:

    I just looked at some of your previous posts and noticed your Russian cookies. I lived in Kyrgyzstan for a year 12 years ago and enjoyed these cookies while there. They are very good. We even had some with chocolate on the bottom. The cookie with the little girl on it is just a name, like Alana in English. I’m not sure about the other one though.

  4. Rosa says:

    I loved your pictures of Croatia (especially the restaurant one with the stunning view on the sea)! This country really looks beautiful. It reminds me of Greece…

  5. linda says:

    Jen – thanks! I sure did have a wonderful time 🙂

    Julie – thanks for visiting my blog! Just had a look at your blog…looking good!

    Claire – Sounds exciting living in Kyrgyzstan! With chocolate they will be even better. Pity you didn’t know what the other one says…

    Rosa – Thanks! Never been to Greece but when I look at pictures it does remind me of Croatia…especially the beautiful sea.

  6. Tanna says:

    Your pictures are stunning, Rein is wonderful.
    I’m working on the recipe meme that you tagged The Canadian Baker with.
    Really enjoyed reading some of your posts and shall return.

  7. chris says:

    Ha Lin, zit met smart op nieuwe posts te wachten. Heb een beetje te teveel chocala gegeten de afgelopen tijd en heb mezelf op rantsoen gezet. Moet wel virtueel kunnen snoepen om het vol te houden 🙂

  8. kristina says:

    Looks like a beautiful place for a vacation–the restaurant looks amazing! And your son is such a cutie! Good luck with the move…

  9. jenjen says:

    This looks similar to Leche Flan which is a Filipino version of custrad that I make. Looking at this is really tempting me to make some now!

  10. sam says:

    Lovely photos, it looks as if you had a good time. Rein is too cute!

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