Life is a bowl of cherries

My mum and dad returned from Croatia this morning, happy to be back in the Netherlands in time for grandchild no. two to be born. They brought back these delicious organic cherries from their garden. Very happy to be tasting them because I’m usually in Croatia when the season is already over. I don’t know what kind they are, only that they are bright-red on the outside and light yellow on the inside. They taste a bit less sweet than the dark-red cherries we usually have in the Netherlands. Still have about a kilo to enjoy….yum!

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3 Responses to Life is a bowl of cherries

  1. cin says:

    now you’re going to have me dreaming of fresh cherries! all we have in the supermarkets at the moment are USA imports.

  2. Jitske says:

    Nog gefeliciteerd met Rein! Is de treintjestaart nog gelukt?

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