When I say these candies on Technicolor Kitchen I knew I had to make one of them very soon. I love to make/bake traditional sweet stuff and I had never made nor had something traditional Brazilian besides Caipirinha 😉 One of the candies Patricia of Technicolor Kitchen made – beijinho – had been on my to-do list for ages now. But I didn’t have coconut on hand so I opted for brigadeiro. It has a basis of sweetened condensed milk (as have a lot of other Brazilian candies/desserts) and is flavoured with cocoa. What I love about the recipe (besides the obvious deliciousness 😉 is the few ingredients and easy instructions. I made mine bigger than was called for out of practical reasons: my paper cups were not small enough and I thought it would look silly to put balls half their size into them.

Tip – Greasing your hands with butter makes it easier to roll balls but be careful not to put too much butter because I found out using too much makes it harder to roll instead of easier.

Brigadeiro (from Technicolor Kitchen)

makes about 40

1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 tbs butter
2 tbs cocoa powder
chocolate sprinkles
small paper cups

Grease a plate or baking sheet.
Mix the milk, butter and cocoa powder in a saucepan and cook over low heat, stirring constantly. Remove from heat when the bottom of the pan starts to show when you scrape it with the stirring spoon the mixture should have become thicker. Pour the mixture onto the greased plate or baking sheet. Let it cool completely.
Butter your hand lightly and roll the mixture into 2 cm balls. Roll each ball in chocolate sprinkles and place it in a small paper cup.

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5 Responses to Brigadeiro

  1. Omg, Linda!! These look fantastic – you are a Brazilian candy expert, I can tell!

    Thank you for your lovely words about the blog and the recipe, it’s an honor to see something from here so beautifully made.


  2. Rosa says:

    They look really good! I have a recipe in one of my books, so I’ll have to try it once…

  3. linda says:

    Patricia, you’re welcome 😉 the beijinho are to follow in a few weeks…

    Rosa, try them, they’re easy to make and if you like sweet they are irrisistible 😉

  4. M&Ms says:

    Hmm! Love these…time consuming (though never tried) but been told so by extended brazilian family and a brazilian friend!

  5. M&Ms says:

    Hmm! Love these…time consuming (though never tried) but been told so by extended brazilian family and a brazilian friend!

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