Iced cookies

I like making cookies as you may have noticed 😉 I make all kinds except roll-out cookies. The reason being that making them makes me stressed. Before making them for the first time (about 2 ½ years ago) I felt stressed just thinking about making them. I worried about what could go wrong:
Will the dough have the right consistency? How do you know before actually rolling it? Do I put the dough in the fridge longer because my kitchen is hotter than average? If so, how much longer? Will the dough stick to the working surface? Will I be able to transfer the cookies to the baking sheet without them sticking to the working area? And when doing so, will they keep their original form?
I know this might sound strange to people who have been making roll-out cookies since age 3 but I only did my first batch in my thirties.
Every once in a while I think about making them again (I have about 15 different shapes of cookie-cutters) and how it would be to make cookies in other shapes than just round or square(ish). And more so, how it would be to decorate them with icing! Every kid in the world makes roll-out cookies and ices them so why not me? Well here they finally are…
The recipe I used is from The Ultimate Cookie Book. I changed it a little bit (omitted the 1 tbs ground almonds, added some vanilla). The dough seemed kind of soft but I’m no expert in roll-out dough so I thought it would firm up in the fridge. It did firm up but not as much as I thought it should have. I had bought a silicon rolling mat so the rolling went pretty smoothly. I didn’t bother turning the dough as instructed because of the rolling mat (I think I would have had problems doing so if I didn’t have the mat). When I transfered the cut-outs to the baking sheet they deformed a little bit but it didn’t show too much in the final product.
The cookies were still very pale after the designated 10 minutes baking time so I added another 3 till they started to brown just a little bit.
For icing I wanted to use a recipe that didn’t use raw egg white. I know you can buy powdered egg white but when making these cookies I didn’t know were you could buy it besides the internet (The Netherlands isn’t that well equiped when baking is concerned). I bookmarked a recipe 1 ½ years ago that had great reviews. After reading all I could find about icing I made my first iced cookies. (Again I know this might sound ridiculous when you come from the US but in the Netherlands it is…or was… not very common to do that stuff as a kid). The icing was easy to make but I wasn’t sure what the right consistency should be. It worked ok but maybe it would have been easier if it were more liquid. I used piping bags made out of baking paper. That worked ok but the tip you snip off is not round so it had an effect on the lines (or maybe the icing itself had that effect?). Using metal tips would probably have created neater lines than the ones from the paper piping bags.
As for the colours, the combination of pink and green was my favourite when I was a little girl. It still is now that I think about it 🙂 Added white too for a little variation…
The cookies itself are not very sweet so that was a good thing because the icing obviously is very sweet. The almond extract in the icing gave the cookies a nice flavour. They were pretty tasty all in all.
I must say that I’m happy with the overall results but there is enough room for improvements.

Thinks I would do differently:

– use someone else’s favourite roll-out cookie recipe (your favourite recipes are welcome!)
– use bigger cookie-cutters (more room to make something else than polka dots 😉
– use metal tips instead of paper piping bags
– use royal icing
– use a more liquid icing to fill in

Cookies (from The Ultimate Cookie Book by Catherine Atkinson)

makes about 40 small cookies

115 g (4 oz / 1 ½ cup) butter, softened
50 g (2 oz / ¼ cup) caster sugar
(½ ts vanilla)
1 egg, lightly beaten
(1 tbs ground almonds)
200 g (7 oz / 1 ¾ cups) flour
2 tbs cornflour

Cream the butter and sugar (and vanilla). Add the egg in three additions, beating well after each addition.(Beat in the almonds). Sift over the flour and cornflour and mix to a soft dough.
Lightly knead the dough on a floured surface for a few seconds.
Line 2 baking sheets with baking paper.
Shape into a flattened ball and wrap in plastic wrap. Chill for about 30 minutes.
Roll out the dough on a lightly floured surface to a thickness of 3 mm (⅛ in), occasionally rotating it. Stamp out rounds, stars etc. of 4 cm (1 ½ in).
Transfer the cut outs to the baking sheets and chill for at least 30 minutes before baking. Preheat the oven to 180°C (350°F). Bake for 10-13 minutes or until they are pale golden brown. Rotate the baking sheets halfway through the cooking time.
Leave the cookies on the baking sheets for 2-3 minutes before transfering them to a wire rack.

Icing (from

enough for 40 small cookies

1 cup confectioners’ sugar
1 tbs milk
1 tbs light corn syrup
¼ ts almond extract
food colorings

Mix the sugar with the milk until smooth. Add the corn syrup and almond extract and mix until smooth. Add food colorings according to taste.

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8 Responses to Iced cookies

  1. Astrid says:

    These are beautiful! I would never have guessed this is your first try. I make roll out cookies all the time, and love to make them, but am fearful of icing them. You’ve done an exquisite job.

    If you want to review my favorite roll-out cookie recipe, you can find it here: I even made a few videos, including my rolling out technique, which of course I find very easy to do (or I wouldn’t boast about it on video!) Here it is:

  2. Rosa says:

    Oh, how wonderful and very cute!

  3. linda says:

    Thanks Astrid, I must say that icing is kind of stressful too but it’s so nice to see something pretty appear. And thanks for the links, next time I’ll use our recipe and video 🙂

    Thanks Rosa!

  4. kate says:

    hey Linda , these cookies look absolutely gorgeous. I know how u feel about baking your first ever cookies at 30 ! hehe there are still so many things that i’ve not even got started on. And you with your studies and kids n family have a beautiful blog…its gr8 job you’re doing. Keep it up.

  5. valentina says:

    Your cookies are too cute for words;)

  6. Had to make doughnuts twice before they were presentable enough for Tartelette’s and Peabody’s Time to make the Doughnuts Event 😉
    The first batch I tried to squeeze in on a busy day. This is usually not a good thing when you work with yeast. My frie

  7. I never knew there was a thing called yellow cake until I read about it on Mansi’s Fun and Food. The yellow in the cake comes from using egg yolks instead of whole eggs, how interesting….
    So when I needed to make some cupcakes for Arfi’s Spectacula

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