OskoruÅ¡a or Sorbus domestica

As I already mentioned in one of my last entries, my parents brought lovely goodies when they came back from Croatia. One of which was a fruit I had never tasted nor seen before. It was dark brown and about 3 cm in diameter. My father only knew it by its Croatian name oskoruÅ¡a. After a small internet search I found out that the it’s called service tree or Sorbus domestica (in Dutch peervormige lijsterbes). My father was really enthousiastic about it but he usually is when food is concerned, especially local and not well known food.
Apparantly only overripe fruit is nice enough to eat. They tasted like overripe pears and were very mealy. I also tasted a bit of alcohol in one of them. I can’t say that I dislike the taste but the fact that it’s so mealy puts me off. Not my kind of fruit! But I was glad that I had an opportunity to try it, especially because you don’t find oskoruÅ¡a at the market. My 2 year old son liked them but maybe that’s because he’s a real fruit monster 😉

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2 Responses to OskoruÅ¡a or Sorbus domestica

  1. kate says:

    a 2 yr old whos a fruit monster 🙂 wow u are a lucky mom,…. i’ve seen ladies tear their hair apart just to get some fruit in the kiddies system.

  2. Sanja says:

    You know that you have to be very careful with oskorusa because if you it too much it can harm your stomach! Read: http://www.stari-grad.hr/index.php?opt=news&id=1808&lang=HR

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