Rebuçados de ovo de Portalegre (Candied egg yolks)

The boy friend brought home these egg yolk sweets from Lisbon recently. My ‘order’ was for some Pastéis de Belém but unfortunately he didn’t have time to go the Rua de Belém where the one and only Pastéis de Belém can be found. Instead he bought Rebuçados de ovo de Portalegre which are basically candied egg yolks (the two ingredients it consist of are pasteurised egg yolk and sugar). I’m not a big egg yolk lover but had to taste one to see how it was. It tasted pretty much like very sweet egg yolks covered in sugar shell. Definitely something different than the candy I’m used to 😉

Still hope to taste Pastéis de Belém…I’ve read that they are very hard to copy so I won’t bother with trying…not before I taste the real thing anyway…

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4 Responses to Rebuçados de ovo de Portalegre (Candied egg yolks)

  1. WOW! I had no idea such things existed! what an interesting idea… did you enjoy it? i thinks sth like this might be interesting with some vanilla… egss go well with vanilla. thnnk custard. or, closer to home, think kremsnite! 🙂

  2. linda says:

    Neither did I. I didn’t really enjoy it much because I not very fond of egg yolks. I’d much rather have kremsnite 🙂

  3. sanja says:

    my god, looks just great! this made me hungry now and I was supposed to got to sleep! I sill remember my last trip to Portugal and you can bet I ate Pasteis de Belem!

  4. mcauliflower says:

    wow- this is a fascinating sounding candy!

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