SHF #37 – Carrot ganache covered and clementine curd filled petit four

This was not what I had in mind for the November edition of SHF. But if plan A fails, plan B just has to do. When I read that Leslie at ‘definitely not martha‘ wanted to see beta carotene packed recipes I thought I had the ultimate recipe, nice and sweet, orange coloured and packed with beta carotene. My idea was to make carrot and white chocolate truffles. Instead of using cream to make the ganache I used homemade carrot juice (I steamed the carrots before juicing). The ganache had a pretty orange colour due to the very intense orange of the carrot juice. I used more chocolate (100 g / 3 ½ oz) than carrot juice (75 ml / 2 ½ fl. oz) and also added some butter. I put the ganache in the fridge to firm up, and here we get to the core of the problem….it didn’t firm up. I gave it a day more, and it seemed a bit firmer (but still liquid) and just to be sure I gave it another day….but as you already saw in the picture this didn’t give the result I was looking for. So much for the truffles….
Plan B was excecuted in a hurry so it doesn’t look very pretty. I used some orange chiffon cake scraps that I still had in my freezer from the Daring Bakers Oktober challenge and filled it with the clementine and lemon curd that was left over from the tart I made last week. I topped it off with the carrot and white chocolate ganache. This resulted in a very citrusy tangy sweet petit four. The ganache did not have a carrot taste (you could smell it a bit though) but it sort of mellowed down the sweetness of the white chocolate and and of course it added plenty of beta carotene! The ganache in turn mellowed down the tartness of the clementine and lemon curd. All in all it was a delicious combination.
I think the glaze would be excellent over carrot cake too or any other cake that happens to need an orange coloured glaze.

Btw the curd and chiffon are good sources of vitamine A too because of the eggs and egg yolks. Vitamine A is the vitamine beta carotene is transformed into in the human body. Just thought I’d share my infinite wisdom with you 😉

Recipe for the orange chiffon cake here.
Recipe for the clementine and lemon curd here.

Carrot and white chocolate glaze

75 ml (2 ½ fl. oz)carrot juice (made from about 350 g steamed carrots)
100 g (3 ½ oz) white chocolate, finely chopped
10 g (2 ts) butter, softened

Bring the carrot juice to a boil. Pour over the chocolate and butter. Allow to stand for a few minutes. Stir until smooth. Chill for at least 2 hours.

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16 Responses to SHF #37 – Carrot ganache covered and clementine curd filled petit four

  1. carrot ganache!?! carrot ganache! come to mama! This is a wonderful carrot dessert, and I hope you have not given up on the truffle idea. I might try a variation myself.

  2. mcauliflower says:

    Oh I love it! I’ve had a bottle of carrot juice just taunting me to do something like this. Great piece!

    Hmm- maybe I’ll get to my carrot ice cream project…

  3. Rosa says:

    Oh, how wonderful! I love your creation! Scrumptious!



  4. Flo Bretzel says:

    I love your idea of Petit four with carrot ganache!

  5. You are a genius, Linda!
    The carrot truffle sounds wonderful (give me anything with white chocolate and I’ll smile forever) and I love it how you turned that situation around and created something beautiful.
    You go, girl!

  6. Evelin says:

    I absolutely love this idea! Carrot ganache…that is just so me:)

    I’ve made carrot truffles and they were fabulous. Weird in a fun way. Although I wanted to coat them with white chocolate too, I only had dark. But I’m quite sure I will try them again one day:)

  7. Ann says:

    Wow! What a wonderful original idea!And it looks fabulous!

  8. Bri says:

    What a truly original idea! I love it! I can’t quite imagine how it would taste, but I’m totally intrigued.

  9. Erin says:

    I’m loving this. The boldness of it reminds me of a fellow student of mine at culinary school who tried to make lavender earl grey creme caramel. The difference between yours and theirs: yours looks and sounds absolutely delicious!!!

  10. monica says:

    the carrot ganache is so creative! so bold, so brave. i love this petit four idea! great job with this entry

  11. Tartelette says:

    Very creative!I was going through a similar problem I had last night making a Pierre Herme cream and I just ended up whipping it to semi firm peaks and I was able to use it as a filling. I really wish I could try one of your petits fours because you got me intrigued!

  12. Tea says:

    This looks fantastic!!!

  13. Julie says:

    Kudos for the brillian improvisation! It looks and sounds delicious!

  14. linda says:

    🙂 thanks everyone!

    Chocolate lady, haven’t given up yet…it still in my fridge and seems to get a tiny bit firmer everyday so maybe before it goes off I can make truffles 😉

    Mcauliflower, carrot ice cream sounds good!

    Patricia, I agree on the white chocolate, I’d eat it anytime anywhere 😉

    Evelin, you’ve made me curious about your truffles, I’ll scan your blog for the recipe soon…

    Bri, don’t expect too much of the carrot taste. You don’t really taste it, it makes the chocolate orange and a little less sweet.

    Erin, lavender AND earl grey seems a bit too much together, I’d love it separately though…

    Tartelette, I’m not sure mine is whippable since it doesn’t contain cream. Worth a try though, still have some left…

  15. This is my first time entering Cupcake hero. I’m not into the whole cupcake making thing myself but I love to look at pretty cupcake pictures on Flickr. So when I read about this foodblogging event by Lauri from Quirky Cupcake I thought why not give it

  16. Carolyn says:

    It just goes to show that necessity is the mother of invention. Kudos to you for having cake in the freezer and left over curd! And pumpkin or carrot tastes yummy with chocolate!

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