Vote for my Best of 2007

Zorra of Kochtopf is a very busy girl this month with hosting several foodblogging events. She and Sandra of Un tocco di Zenero are hosting a fun foodblogging event: best of 2007. The idea is to create a list of everyone’s best 2007 recipe. I wasn’t sure what my best of 2007 was so I’ve decided to let you, my dear readers decide. I have two favorites myself, the first is this nectarine upside-down cake that for me was the most delicious of 2007. The second is this chocolate hazelnut cake covered with chocolate marzipan which besides being delicious was my favourite one for its looks. Please feel free to let me know which one you liked best in the comments, it doesn’t have to be one of my favourites btw…

Thanks for voting!

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3 Responses to Vote for my Best of 2007

  1. zorra says:

    My vote goes to the Nectarine upside-down cake. But only because I have eaten to much chocolate recently. 😉

  2. Anali says:

    I’m partial to the chocolate, but they are both beautiful. : )

  3. Sylvia says:

    My vote is for chocolate hazelnut, this is a so creative way to present.

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