Daring Bakers – Tuile with rosemary and honey crème fraîche panna cotta

Even though I knew more or less what I was going to make for this month’s Daring Bakers challenge I waited till the last days to make it. Not a good idea since we’re leaving tomorrow morning for a weekend in London.

While I’m typing this the panna cotta is still firming up in the fridge and I still have to make the pictures. I just hope I will manage to unmold and shoot before the boys wake up from their afternoon nap…

The tuiles were not difficult to make but it does require a bit of attention/patience to spread out the batter in an even layer in the cardboard cut-out. I wasn’t too happy about the look of the tuiles because of the batter spreading. I had something much straighter in mind than the not so straight sides of the baked tuiles. I tried cutting the tuiles to straighten them which I only managed to do after they firmed up a little so I had to put them back in the oven for a little while to soften them. The period from warm & pliable to cool & breakable is very short so now I totally understand the reasoning about baking in small batches 😉

The flavouring for the tuiles is vanilla, instead of vanilla sugar or vanilla essence I used vanilla bean. For the panna cotta I used a mixture of double cream and crème fraîche (1:2). I infused the double cream with fresh rosemary and sweetened the mix of cream and crème fraîche with honey instead of sugar. I must say that it tasted pretty delicious! It was actually the first time that I made panna cotta (or tuiles for that matter) and I don’t know why I waited this long. It really is that easy 😉 Will have to experiment some more in the future. I actually wanted to use goat’s crème fraîche but I didn’t have time to go to the health store and there was a tub of regular crème fraîche in the fridge that was nearly over it’s consume by date.

So I’m still typing about a panna cotta I still have to unmold so I don’t even know if the amount of gelatine was enough or if it will come out of the mold (a muffin pan) properly….

Ok so this part I’m writing after unmolding….it didn’t work as planned but after googling it I learned that dipping the pan in hot water would do the trick. It did but it also melted the outer part of the panna cotta. My first attempt made the panna cotta melt too much, I couldn’t make it look good enough for the picture. Second attempt was good enough, I used the the blunt side of a knife to scrape off the melted panna cotta.

This month’s challenge is brought to us by Karen of Bake My Day and Zorra of 1x umruehren bitte aka Kochtopf. They have chosen Tuiles from The Chocolate Book by Angélique Schmeink and Nougatine and Chocolate Tuiles from Michel Roux.

Tuiles (the recipe is available on this month’s hosts blogs: Bake my day and 1x umruehren bitte aka Kochtopf

Rosemary and honey crème fraîche panna cotta

makes 4

100 ml double cream

1 ts fresh rosemary, finely chopped

1 ts gelatine

2 tbs water

200 g crème fraîche

2 tbs honey, or to taste

Bring the cream and rosemary to a boil. Turn off the heat and let it infuse with a lid on top for 30-45 minutes.

Soften the gelatine in the water for 5-10 minutes.

Strain the cream and rosemary mixture and pour the infused cream in a clean sauce pan. Add the crème fraîche and honey. Stir and heat until the first bubbles appear. Turn off the heat and add the gelatine. Stir to dissolve the gelatine. Pour the mixture into a muffin pan (will be enough for 4 cups). Allow to set in the fridge for 2-3 hours before unmolding

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34 Responses to Daring Bakers – Tuile with rosemary and honey crème fraîche panna cotta

  1. Andreas says:

    Very nice presentation with the decreasing size of the syrup (?) dots and the dotted edge of the plate.

    I also did some panna cotta but I will need to fiddle around with the gelatine/cream ratio, as mine turned out quite firm.

  2. Babeth says:

    Lovely job on the challenge!

  3. this panna cotta looks perfect to me and I like the way you shaped your tuile. Interesting of using honey and rosemary. never beleived they would go well together 🙂 Bon Voyage

  4. I adore honey, pinenuts and rosemary together! They work so well together! And your tuille is so elegant!

  5. Rosa says:

    What a beautiful dessert! Great flavors! As usual, you created something unique…



  6. Y says:

    What a delicious sounding pannacotta! If you had trouble getting them out, I’d suggest greasing the moulds (if you didn’t already). That way, they’ll slide out like a dream.

  7. Candace says:

    Fab plated dessert!

  8. Shari says:

    This looks wonderful! Honey, pinenuts and rosemary sound delicious together!

  9. jillian says:

    Your presentation is impeccable!

  10. Ivonne says:

    Well done, Linda! It’s so beautiful … have fun in London!

  11. Vibi says:

    Right! How could I expect anything but perfection from you!

    The whole arrangement is divine looking, Linda… and probably just as tasty! Really well done!

    P.s.: I hope the bundle of joy is coming along fine!

  12. Hannah says:

    Absolutely beautiful plating! Now I feel like I should do this one all over, yours is so inspiring!

  13. Candice says:

    That looks beautiful!

    Also, the next recipe down looks tasty, for tahini rolls. I think I’m going to bookmark it and make it soon.

  14. deeba says:

    How absolutely gorgeous & sensual. Love panna cotta, & yours is elegant & full of gentle flavours. Very nice plating too. Hope you have a great time in London!

  15. grace says:

    glorious presentation, linda! i’m impressed, as usual. 🙂

  16. Astrid says:

    Beautiful Linda! Once again, I have difficulty believing you had any trouble making this, it looks perfect. So elegant!

  17. Jen Yu says:

    Oh wow, that is some fantastic plating. Just beautifully done. I love your use of simple lines and shapes. And panna cotta – I am so there! 🙂

  18. Magnificent! This is so beautiful it seems more like artwork.

  19. Caitlin says:

    Beautiful! I love the panna cotta flavor combo.

  20. natalia says:

    Ciao Linda you did such a great job !! it’s wonderful ! Hope your weekend in london was fun !

  21. aran says:

    great flavor pairing linda!

  22. Baking Soda says:

    Lovely presentation Linda! I ditched my panna cotta because my gelatine wasn’t cooperating, need to tweak that some more.

  23. ovenhaven says:

    Gorgeous presentation as usual, dearie! Hope you had a great time in London 🙂

  24. arfi says:

    wow, i think you did a great job, Linda. not easy to bend a hot tuile.

  25. courtney says:

    I think its a lovely presentation. I hope you have/had a great trip to London, my favorite city.

  26. You really are a professional pastry chef Linda. That is perfect!

  27. Dorothy says:

    oh lalala, this is fancy!

  28. Love your presentation. Looks so pretty and delicious!

  29. Jude says:

    The presentation is so elegant. So interested to find out how the rosemary panna cotta tastes.

  30. Vera says:

    Gorgeous presentation, Linda!

  31. Dee says:

    I love the commentary every time you post; you have no idea how much I learn from your site. Of course, only you would make something so stunning and say it was really easy 😉

  32. Bree says:

    I’m always making Daring Bakers challenges last day, or a day before last day. Actually, I don’t participate in DB, there is DB version in my country blog sphere. Our this month challenge is “Opera” cakes, but I’d prefer to make a pudding, my family craves for them 🙂

  33. Jesse says:

    Wow, rosemary in panna cotta?! Can’t stop… myself.. from drooling…!!

  34. Christy says:

    Your creme fraiche panna cotta looks so smooth and luscious!! I love the simplicity and elegance of the presentation!

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