Biscotti with pink & white anise seed sprinkles

Yesterday a new role was bestowed upon me…I am an aunt! My SIL gave birth to a beautiful little girl yesterday evening. I haven’t seen her yet but will be heading there in a few hours. Becoming a mom felt special but becoming an aunt feels nearly as special πŸ™‚ …and I haven’t even seen my niece in real life!

Funny thing was that a couple of days before she gave birth (and some days after her due date) I texted my SIL to tell her that I thought she was going to give birth on the 2nd of April and that it would be a girl πŸ™‚ It’s so nice that it’s a girl, because I only have boys (+ one on the way) and it’s only my brother and me. My SIL only have nephews (4 of them) so the first girl there too πŸ™‚

I still have 7 more weeks to go…and then I too will have me some of those sweet little feet πŸ™‚

When I heard my SIL was in labour I started making cookies. In the Netherlands something called ‘beschuit met muisje‘ is served when a baby is born. I made something based upon it: biscotti with ‘muisjes’ (anise seed sprinkles).

I used this recipe for the biscotti, made them smaller and thicker and left out the anise seeds. Just dipped them in melted white chocolate and pink & white ‘muisjes’.

I made something similar here.

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17 Responses to Biscotti with pink & white anise seed sprinkles

  1. grand mother and grand daddy are veryyyyy happy…first girl…yeees…

  2. Vibi says:

    AH! Darn… I wish those anis sprinkle were easy to find here! Bummer…

    The biscotti are beautiful!

    As for those baby feet, I miss those! When my daughter was born, my mom would say her toes were even smaller than peanuts! LOL Perhpas closer to anis sprinkles! LOL LOL LOL

    I am soooooo anxious for you to have that baby already! LOl You’ll show us pictures won’t you? …you’re so lucky.

    A great 7 weeks to go, to you!

  3. Lien says:

    Congratulations auntie!!! How wonderful those little tiny feet!

    Can’t wait for you to have your little one. Take care these last weeks!

  4. Tiny beautiful feet!

    Love those anise sprinkles!

    7 weeks . . . glorious!

  5. Rosa says:

    These pretty biscotti are gorgeous!

    All the best for the 7 weeks left and cheers,


  6. Emilia says:

    Congratulations! The sprinkles are so pretty.

    7 weeks is such a short time, I hope everything goes well for you πŸ™‚

  7. Ginny says:

    Congratulations!!!! πŸ™‚ The cookies look great! I wish we had that tradition here!

  8. courtney says:

    Congrats! A girl to spoil at last.So sweet.Missed your blogging but I understand. Hope you are well.

  9. cute!! congratulations for the new comer πŸ™‚ these cookies look so cute and delicious πŸ™‚

  10. Many congrats to you on your new niece. Those cookies look as cute as can be.

  11. Hannah says:

    Congratulations!! Such wonderful news πŸ™‚

    And I love the colors of these sprinkle-covered biscotti, they’re so festive.

  12. free says:

    Ha Linda, nu heb ik hier van een zeker iemand een doos met roze muisjes gekregen…. en moet ik zelf voor onze eigen dochter gaan bakken over 8 weken? of zal ik dat maar tegen Elisa zeggen?

    Heb het broodrecept van laatst nogmaals gebruikt. ditmaal de helft witmeel en de helft wholeweat- die vorige dinnerrolls warn wel erg baksteen machtig. en ik heb er rozijnen aan toegevoegd. ze waren sneller op dus ik denk dat dat een hint van de huisgenoten hier was…marcel heeft weer gist uit de giant meegenomen, dus ik denk dat ik morgen maar weer aan e bak ga. Volgende keer zal ik t in t engels schrijven. Mijn rug begint nu echt door te zakken en ik slaap snachts niet meer lekker. altijd een paar uur wakker. kan me niet herinneren dat ik dat vorig keer ook zo vroeg tevoren had.. misschien een hint dat deze baby ook eerder komt?

    groet, Willemien

  13. natalia says:

    Dear Linda I wish I was there to bake some light blu biscuits for your baby !!

  14. Lucy says:

    Congratulations on being an Aunt πŸ™‚ Those tiny feet are adorable !

    Your cookies really made me smile when they came up, the pretty pink is gorgeous and perfect to celebrate a new baby girl.

  15. Rosa says:

    Happy easter!



  16. Aran says:

    Congratulations to your family! I hope your last weeks are full of rest!

  17. Congratulations to your familly for the new baby girl! The biscotti is really cute with the little white and pink pearls!

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