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Daring Bakers – Danish braid with red gooseberry preserve

Even though I started making the dough for the Danish braid on Friday, I ony had time to actually shape and bake the braid today. Time flies when you have two pre-schoolers 😉 I liked the prospect of making laminated … Continue reading

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Nectarine muffins with hazelnut topping

My parents were visiting yesterday morning, usually I make something a little more elaborate than muffins but we had a busy weekend so I had to make something quick. Nectarine muffins seemed like the perfect thing to make, there were … Continue reading

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Cake with marzipan pod and white chocolate truffle peas

I made this cake for friends of ours who just had a baby son. Instead of using ‘blauw met witte muisjes‘ (blue and white anise seed sprinkles) I wanted to make something with a pea in the pod theme even … Continue reading

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Éclairs with lavender white chocolate mousse

Wanted to use the little purple lavender sugar lumps that are on top of the éclairs ever since I bought them whilst on vacation in Denmark. But I just couldn’t think of anything suitable until I thought about the choux … Continue reading

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Cookies with pink and white anise seed sprinkles

In the Netherlands we have a tradition to serve something called ‘beschuit met muisjes‘ when a child is born. ‘Beschuit‘ is similar to rusks and ‘muisjes‘ are sugar coated anise seed sprinkles. The sprinkles are called ‘muisjes’ (little mice), the … Continue reading

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