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Daring Bakers – Rosewater cheesecake with rhubarb mirror

It’s that time of month again…Daring Baker time! (In case it seems so long since you last saw a DB challenge…you’re right….I failed to do last month’s challenge…) This month’s challenge was cheesecake, a recipe from Jenny of For … Continue reading

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Vanilla apple cakelets

When my best friend C and two other of my good friends were visiting a few weeks ago, C asked (demanded 😉 me to make apple cake. Of course I complied 😉 Very simple vanilla cakelets filled with chopped apple … Continue reading

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Sirnica (Croatian Easter bread) and some news…

This rich and sweet bread is baked for Easter in Croatia. Funny enough I’ve never eaten this bread before, even though I’m half Croatian. I guess it’s because I’ve never been in Croatia during Easter. There are lots of variations … Continue reading

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Biscotti with pink & white anise seed sprinkles

Yesterday a new role was bestowed upon me…I am an aunt! My SIL gave birth to a beautiful little girl yesterday evening. I haven’t seen her yet but will be heading there in a few hours. Becoming a mom felt … Continue reading

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