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Boobie Bake Off – Piggy cookie

We’ve already seen a lot of pink come by this last month because of Breast Cancer Awareness month. So here is something pink for a good cause from me too on the very last day of October. Marye at Apron … Continue reading

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Daring Bakers – Bostini cream pie

Happy to share with you my first Daring Bakers challenge…Bostini cream pie! Not that I had ever heard of Bostini cream pie or Boston cream pie for that matter. Apparently it is a creamy custard topped with orange chiffon which … Continue reading

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WTSIM – Chocolate glazed orange ganache filled star cookie cake

What do ya know…I made a layered cake! That makes it eligible for ‘Waiter, there is something in my….layered cake’, an event from Johanna, The Passionate Cook and Jeanne, Cooksister, hosted by Andrew at Spittoon Extra. It’s actually a mini-cake … Continue reading

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HotM #8 – Kruidkoek (Dutch spice cake)

This may look like a bread but it’s actually a Dutch cake called ‘kruidkoek’. It doesn’t contain fat nor eggs so excellent for Joanna’s HotM challenge of baking. This particular cake gets its moisture from yoghurt, but you could use … Continue reading

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SHF #36 – Muscat and apple juice jelly

No, I didn’t pee in this glass :o) I have to admit that I wasn’t overly enthousiastic when I read this month’s SHF theme: apples and alcohol – sorry for that Andrew! – because I don’t like using alcohol in … Continue reading

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قهوة عربية muffins

There is something that I have been wanting to make for a while: Arabic coffee cupcakes (Arabic coffee is similar to Turkish coffee but has (sometimes) cardamom inside). So when I read about the exotic muffin challenge for Muffin Monday … Continue reading

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Rebuçados de ovo de Portalegre (Candied egg yolks)

The boy friend brought home these egg yolk sweets from Lisbon recently. My ‘order’ was for some Pastéis de Belém but unfortunately he didn’t have time to go the Rua de Belém where the one and only Pastéis de Belém … Continue reading

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