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Baking challenge #5, 6, 7 & 8 – partial failure, almost total failure, failure and success!

Never knew that baking could make me depressed but when things don’t work out the way I want, I’ve discovered that it really gets to me. I was trying to be creative for my ‘no-sugar, no-wheat, no-other-stuff friend’ and used … Continue reading

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Baking challenge #4 – Honey pecan cookies

Less than one week till my ‘no-sugar, no-wheat’ friend is coming. Tried yet another recipe. Found the recipe for these honey pecan cookies here (it’s actually a recipe from this book) The cookies are easy to prepare and taste very … Continue reading

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Baking challenge #3 – Dried fruit muffins

Still trying my best to come up with tasty (sugar-free & wheat-free) recipes for my friend that is coming over in a week and a half. I found this recipe of dried fruit muffins but wasn’t really sure if I … Continue reading

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Baking challenge #2 – Total failure!

Just to let you know, challenge #2 for cookies without sugar and wheat failed miserably. I used the recipe for Dutch ‘sand’ cookies (caster sugar, butter, flour). Except of course I wasn’t using regular flour and no sugar. I used … Continue reading

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Home-made chocolates #1 – White chocolate cinnamon chocolates

I am a huge fan of white chocolate…and not afraid to admit it 😉 Somehow bittersweet chocolate just doesn’t do it for me…eating bittersweet chocolate ‘straight up’ I mean (for baking I use it a lot!). Bittersweet chocolate doesn’t give … Continue reading

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Russian cookies

I do my weekly grocery shopping at the local supermarket chain Tiv Taam. Among ex-pats it’s also known as the Russian supermarket because a lot of Russian people work and shop there. And also because they sell loads of Russian … Continue reading

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Baking challenge #1 – Walnut-honey cookies

In a few weeks two friends will be staying with us for a week. Obviously I will be doing some baking for them. The only problem is that one of my friends has quite a few products that she is … Continue reading

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